Technology for License

We’ve invented a disruptive new cooling technology based on a unique combination of phase change materials that need no electricity to cool substantially better than the “cooling gel” out in the market today.

After all, even encased gel dries out over time. It doesn’t displace weight well, or conduct thermodynamics well. It is a poor, (literally) hard, representation of “cool comfort”. Definitely outdated and outmatched by Generation 4.0 PCM

Our proprietary combo is thinner, lightweight, cooler and has even more market applications than our first patent series.

It still maintains a great deal of comfort, no rigidity. That pleasurable memory foam conforming sensation that put us on the map, it’s still there, all in the secret sauce!

The actual interior, well, that’s still a bit of intricate design intel we’ll save for later when you are signed on board,……….let’s just say, thermoregulation went to a whole new level. But, let’s stop talking science, let’s simply talk.

Lead the next cool wave; what phase change formula design can we create and license exclusively to YOU?