Cool Debuts –  We’ve had national media recognition and endorsement, put your business in the spotlight with Generation PCM 4.0

Heat gets people talking and everyone wants to know how to stay cool and comfortable.

Over the years in our early technology versions, we were invited to appear everywhere from Oprah, Good Morning America, The Drs., Dr. Oz, The Rachel Ray Show – winning her Human Labs segment and more.

With the likes of Dr. Christiane Northrup, world-renowned women’s wellness expert sharing her personal use of our product without any solicitation, we developed a large female consumer base. These loyal customers soon recognized soothing comfort gave localized chemo treatment relief so, of course, we added pink to our signature blue line.

Our products were packaged up and sent by angels to soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan – for the comfort of both soldiers and military dogs. We received military commendations and were ushered into drugstores in Dubai as well as military commissaries.

Our loyal customer base used it for everything from Fibromyalgia to Restless Leg Syndrome, Sunburns to Hot Flashes, no problem was too big or too small. Then the multiple sclerosis society approved us as a recommended relief product. 

Heads of nursing and Drs. made sure we appeared in their presentations at NAMS, The North American Menopause Society, every year. A Dr. and his son did a small, unsolicited private sleep study at the University of Michigan and not to our surprise found it helped people get to sleep more quickly and soundly. REM cycles are nothing to mess around with or miss.

Day or night, we all seek relief, just a little-added comfort in our day goes a long way.
And our technology has come a long way too, now Generation 4.0 PCM