Fluid Soft Science, Generation 4.0 PCM
the future of cooling

Cool Cushioning – Improve your customer’s life

Sitting. Standing. Lying. This is what we do — all day, and all night, whether at work or at home. Why not elevate and exaggerate the level of comfort in your life, at all times? cool cushioning
SoothSoft technology is a cooling and cushioning application. It can cool everything from people to pets, to smartphones.;
It is simple, dynamic, and effective. It is super soft and comfy; or, it can be more firm and more supportive. The material options, specific shapes, and specific designs are myriad. It is power-free, and dry. It is nontoxic, and completely safe for application in consumer goods of intimate use. The technology acts naturally and effectively as a heat sink and passive radiator, giving an immediate soothing, cooling sensation to your touch. Phase change materials give it a deep, lasting cooling effect, and make for a sleek, technical design. You can widely vary cooling effect, weight, durability, etc. You can easily block the cooling effect as well if desired, in a quick and easy manner.

Due to its combined fluid and foam design, it gives more customized support and cushioning when compared to ordinary memory foam; and has a much more immediate and pronounced cooling effect when compared to same, even the gel-embedded memory foams seen in the market. Think of liquid cooling memory foam – this takes all cushioning products to a whole new level.