SoothSoft® Technology

Add cool comfortable, energy saving phase
change material performance to your bottom line

License our revolutionary Generation 4.0 PCM formulas
for your product, venue or industry — climate change
challenges solved!

Rejuvenation. Comfort. Relaxation.

SoothSoft® 4.0 PCM Technology

Our newest phase change innovation is a disruptive non-toxic cooling technology
needing no electricity or batteries. By adding custom comfort and temperature
regulation, Soothsoft® Generation 4.0 PCM increases value for a vast range of products.

We were the first and only company to invent liquid-cool memory foam in a soft
personal cooling pad with our initial patented series. Now, our latest mixture of
outstanding proprietary materials carefully crafted into sophisticated design systems,
take dry, comfortable cooling to a whole new level.

As the high cost of energy and environmental concerns point to more needed growth
and innovation in cooling, our technology is that brilliantly crafted little piece of IP that
opens the door to
limitless market possibilities.
Make your world a cool one
License our technology and incorporate it into your field of use.
Consumer Goods EMT & Trauma Units
Gym Equipment First Aid Kits
Physical Therapy Dogs & Equine Markets
Hospitals Furniture
Sports Rehabilitation Laptops & Mobile Devices
Senior Care Facilities Hotels
Spas Gift Boutiques
Destination Entertainment Attractions Novelty Merchandising
It’s only going to get hotter
Innovate with Generation 4.0 PCM and cool the world
Take relaxation and comfort to a whole new level with value added consumer improvements.
Serve your client base worldwide by helping them conserve energy, reduce environmental pollution, and remain comfortable regardless of global warming and climate change.
As inventors, we can formulate custom IP applications and generate technology transfers, research collaboration agreements, and development arrangements worldwide.
About Soothsoft Innovations
We understand your unique challenge to innovate and increase market share.
Inventing since 1994, SoothSoft Innovations has marketed, manufactured, retailed and distributed our globally patented thermoregulating products.
Our ability to envision, bring to life and legally defend something not yet in existence is our strength.
With a conscious eye to conserving energy, we are continually driven to re-invent the cooling, comfort space with updated technologies. It is our passion —each formula building on the next.